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Immerse yourself in a journey of light and shade by the light of the sunset in one of the most beautiful mo Hemos reunido todas nuestras redes sociales para que no te pierdas un detalle de lo que pasa en Andalucía. You have a date with the largest museum in the Community of Andalusia and one of the most important in Spai Nothing like an afternoon of tapas at some of the best gourmet markets in Andalusia for the most demanding Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and Andalusia is the ideal destination to learn thi Andalusia's distinctive traditional character can be most clearly seen through its arts and crafts.

Andalucía lanza, con el consenso del conjunto del sector, la hoja de ruta para consolidar su liderazgo turí Discover the routes for cycle touring and hiking around the railway lines that were out of service. Travelling in the white villages of the province of Cadiz, will surprise you. Enjoy these picturesque lands La marca Andalucía ha cumplido 10 años y hemos querido compartir nuestra alegría con todos vosotros.

The Pompidou Art Ce The splendid amphitheatre of the Betica mountains which dominates the Costa del Sol from Marbella to Estepona. Golfing in Andalusia has no boundries. People with disabilities have the opportunity to learn or perfect th Eating well in Andalusia is easy. Stews, casseroles and fish from way back, and culminating in the irresist The Blue Flag on a beach ensures accessibility, health, cleanliness and safety, as well as appropriate envi An immaculate green in the Mediterranean sun, an afternoon shopping at Sotogrande and From the whitewashed viewpoints of Zahara de la Sierra to the crystal-clear waters of Discover the Advantages of Andalucia Villas can offer and enjoy endless beauty of nat If you have forgotten you access details, here for help.

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Gastronomic Capital of Almería. Medina Azahara, Patrimonio Mundial de la Humanidad. Motorbike routes for discovering Andalusia. The best beaches in Andalusia. El Aceite de Oliva. Destinos accesibles en Andalucía. The Alhambra in Granada.

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The best gourmet markets. Learn Spanish in Andalusia. Arts and crafts routes. Plan estratégico de Marketing turístico Horizonte Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja. No matter where you go, you will always find something wonderful to do Golf, shopping and relax. The perfect plan An immaculate green in the Mediterranean sun, an afternoon shopping at Sotogrande and Visiting the two Zaharas of Cadiz: Villas de Andalucía Discover the Advantages of Andalucia Villas can offer and enjoy endless beauty of nat Córdoba Villanueva de Córdoba The "Matanza" traditional pig Jaén Cambil Annual Festivities in honour Huelva Huelva Carnaval Colombino to An inscription below, superimposed on an image of the flag of Andalusia reads Andalucía por sí, para España y la Humanidad "Andalusia for herself, Spain and Humanity".

Over the two columns is a semicircular arch in the colors of the flag of Andalusia, with the Latin words Dominator Hercules Fundator Lord Hercules is the Founder superimposed.

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The official flag of Andalusia consists of three equal horizontal stripes, colored green, white, and green respectively; [23] the Andalusian coat of arms is superimposed on the central stripe. Its design was overseen by Blas Infante [24] and approved in the Assembly of Ronda a gathering of Andalusian nationalists at Ronda. The green symbolizes hope and union, and the white symbolizes peace and dialogue.

Blas Infante considered these to have been the colors most used in regional symbols throughout the region's history. According to him, the green came in particular from the standard of the Umayyad Caliphate and represented the call for a gathering of the populace. The white symbolized pardon in the Almohad dynasty , interpreted in European heraldry as parliament or peace.

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Other writers have justified the colors differently, with some Andalusian nationalists referring to them as the Arbonaida , meaning white-and-green in Mozarabic , a Romance language that was spoken in the region in Muslim times. Blas Infante brought the song to Maestro Castillo's attention; Maestro Castillo adapted and harmonized the traditional melody. The lyrics appeal to the Andalusians to mobilize and demand tierra y libertad "land and liberty" by way of agrarian reform and a statute of autonomy within Spain.

The Parliament of Andalusia voted unanimously in that the preamble to the Statute of Autonomy recognize Blas Infante as the Father of the Andalusian Nation Padre de la Patria Andaluza , [25] which was reaffirmed in the reformed Statute of Autonomy submitted to popular referendum 18 February The preamble of the present Statute of Autonomy says that Article 2 of the present Spanish Constitution of recognizes Andalusia as a nationality. Later, in its articulation, it speaks of Andalusia as a "historic nationality" Spanish: It also cites the Andalusianist Manifesto of Córdoba describing Andalusia as a "national reality" realidad nacional , but does not endorse that formulation.

Article 1 of the earlier Statute of Autonomy defined it simply as a "nationality" nacionalidad. The national holiday, the Día de Andalucía , is celebrated on 28 February, [27] commemorating the autonomy referendum. In spite of this, nationalist groups celebrate the holiday on 4 December, commemorating the demonstrations to demand autonomy. The honorific title of Hijo Predilecto de Andalucía "Favorite Son of Andalucia" is granted by the Regional Government of Andalusia to those whose exceptional merits benefited Andalusia, for work or achievements in natural, social, or political science.

It is the highest distinction given by the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The Sevillian historian Antonio Domínguez Ortiz wrote that:.

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From the geographic point of view, the whole of the southern lands is too vast and varied to be embraced as a single unit. In reality there are not two, but three Andalusias: Andalusia alone is comparable in extent and in the variety of its terrain to any of several of the smaller European countries.

To the east is the Mediterranean Sea ; to the west the Atlantic Ocean ; to the north the Sierra Morena constitutes the border with the Meseta Central ; to the south, the self-governing [29] British overseas territory of Gibraltar and the Strait of Gibraltar separate it from Morocco.

Andalusia is home to the hottest and driest summers in Spain, but in the west, weather systems sweeping in from the Atlantic ensure that it is relatively wet in the winter, with some areas receiving copious amounts. Contrary to what many people think, as a whole, the region enjoys above average yearly rainfall in the context of Spain.

In general, it experiences a hot-summer Mediterranean climate , with dry summers influenced by the Azores High , but subject to occasional torrential rains and extremely hot temperatures. Still, within Andalusia there is considerable climatic variety. From the extensive coastal plains one may pass to the valley of the Guadalquivir, barely above sea level, then to the highest altitudes in the Iberian peninsula in the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

Annual rainfall in the Sierra de Grazalema has been measured as high as 4, millimetres In general, as one goes from west to east, away from the Atlantic, there is less precipitation. The valley of the Guadalquivir has moderate rainfall. The Tabernas Desert in Almería, Europe's only true desert, has less than 75 days with any measurable precipitation, and some particular places in the desert have as few as 50 such days.

Much of "dry Andalusia" has more than "sunny" days a year.

Averages in the cities range from The coldest month is January when Granada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada experiences an average temperature of 6. The hottest are July and August, with an average temperature of Córdoba is the hottest provincial capital, followed by Seville. The Guadalquivir valley has experienced the highest temperatures recorded in Europe, with a maximum of Sierra Nevada Natural Park has Iberia's lowest average annual temperature, 3. Mountain ranges affect climate, the network of rivers, soils and their erosion, bioregions, and even human economies insofar as they rely on natural resources.

The Atlantic coast is overwhelmingly beach and gradually sloping coasts; the Mediterranean coast has many cliffs, above all in the Malagan Axarquía and in Granada and Almería. Within the Sierra Morena, the gorge of Despeñaperros forms a natural frontier between Castile and Andalusia. The Baetic Cordillera consists of the parallel mountain ranges of the Cordillera Penibética near the Mediterranean coast and the Cordillera Subbética inland, separated by the Surco Intrabético.

The Cordillera Subbética is quite discontinuous, offering many passes that facilitate transportation, but the Penibético forms a strong barrier between the Mediterranean coast and the interior. Lower Andalusia, the Baetic Depression , the basin of the Guadalquivir, lies between these two mountainous areas. Throughout history, this has been the most populous part of Andalusia. Andalusia has rivers that flow into both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The rivers of the Atlantic basin are characteristically long, run through mostly flat terrain, and have broad river valleys.

As a result, at their mouths are estuaries and wetlands , such as the marshes of Doñana in the delta of the Guadalquivir, and wetlands of the Odiel. In contrast, the rivers of the Mediterranean Basin are shorter, more seasonal, and make a precipitous descent from the mountains of the Baetic Cordillera. Their estuaries are small, and their valleys are less suitable for agriculture. Also, being in the rain shadow of the Baetic Cordillera means that they receive a lesser volume of water. The following hydrographic basins can be distinguished in Andalusia. On the Mediterranean side is the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin and the very upper portion of the basin of the Segura.

The soils of Andalusia can be divided into three large areas: The Sierra Morena, due to its morphology and the acidic content of its rocks, developed principally relatively poor, shallow soils, suitable only for forests. In the valleys and in some areas where limestone is present, deeper soils allowed farming of cereals suitable for livestock.

The more complicated morphology of the Baetic Cordillera makes it more heterogeneous, with the most heterogeneous soils in Andalusia. Very roughly, in contrast to the Sierra Morena, a predominance of basic alkaline materials in the Cordillera Subbética, combined with a hilly landscape, generates deeper soils with greater agricultural capacity, suitable to the cultivation of olives.

Finally, the Baetic Depression and the Surco Intrabético have deep, rich soils, with great agricultural capacity.

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In particular, the alluvial soils of the Guadalquivir valley and plain of Granada have a loamy texture and are particularly suitable for intensive irrigated crops. In other zones, the whiter albariza provides an excellent soil for vineyards. Despite their marginal quality, the poorly consolidated soils of the sandy coastline of Huelva and Almería have been successfully used in recent decades for hothouse cultivation under clear plastic of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and other fruits. Biogeographically, Andalusia forms part of the Western Mediterranean subregion of the Mediterranean Basin , which falls within the Boreal Kingdom.